High Ridge Brands

Coast – Soap & Bodywash: From its refreshing scent and rich lather to the iconic first “Eye Opening” commercials and ads, Coast soap has been a trusted favorite since its launch in 1976. Over the years we’ve created a variety of products, but through all of them one thing has remained consistent–an invigorating scent in each and every one. In 2003 we introduced our first body wash and in 2007 we made our body wash dual action for body and hair. It’s hard to believe we’ve been invigorating showers with eye-opening freshness for over 35 years. It feels like 1976 was yesterday.

Zest – Soap & Body Wash: With its brisk revitalizing scent, rich luxurious foam, and clean rinsing formula, Zest Ocean Breeze leaves you feeling refreshed and Zestfully Clean.

White Rain – Shampoos, Conditioners & Body wash: Over the years the product line has grown to include hairsprays, conditioners, soaps and body washes. With a value price and time tested performance, White Rain products remain the beauty solution choice of millions worldwide.