Cockspur Rum

COCKSPUR Rum has been making the party happen since 1884, when Danish seaman Valdemar Hanschell created COCKSPUR Rum in Barbados.

Valdemar Hanschell was a Dutch seaman who settled in Barbados, which was one of the biggest shipping ports in the Caribbean at the time. Valdemar Hanschell’s business and COCKSPUR’s popularity started booming and COCKSPUR Rum soon became the best-selling rum in Barbados. While Valdemar Hanschell may have been the mastermind behind COCKSPUR Rum, he left the crafting of this special beach-aged rum to the Stade brothers. The Stade brothers shared his vision of making flavourful Caribbean rum that was free of the impurities which was common to many other spirits at the time. The Stade Brothers established the West Indies Rum Distillery where COCKSPUR Rum is made, right next to a pure coral filtered water aquifer. The Distillery is located on Brighton Beach, just north of the Barbados’ capital city, Bridgetown. This location provides the perfect ambience for creating COCKSPUR Rum. The Stades brothers improved the rum-making process by mastering the complexities of the beach-front fermentation process and by introducing the first continuous column still to Barbados. This revolutionary continuous column still allowed the Stade Brothers to consistently produce the flavourful, dry, crisp, and “cleaner” COCKSPUR Rum that many have come to know and love.