We believe that being environmentally and socially responsible is important.

Here at the Armstrong Group of Companies we are committed to the well being of this beautiful island that we call home, and have a number of programs at our offices as well as within local communities. We have four principles:

We believe in renewable energy.

In the Caribbean we have an endless supply of sun, which can provide clean and ‘green’ energy. At our offices in Lower Estate we have installed solar panels, cutting down our reliance on electricity and supporting the local solar power economy.
We run our vehicle fleet on locally produced bio-diesel, recycling thousands of gallons of used cooking oil every year from restaurants and hotels in Barbados- oil that would otherwise be dumped in the landfill or sewer drainage system.

We believe in recycling.

On an island as small as ours, recycling is critical to reduce waste. That is why we have an active recycling program at our offices, for both the warehouse and the general office. We recycle plastic, cardboard, and glass. This program is in collaboration with the B’s Recycling, the largest recycling facility on the island.

We believe in reducing and reusing.

As well as recycling, we look for ways to reduce and reuse. Our warehouse has actively sought to employ this principle in its daily operations – whether it is frequently re-purposing packaging or shelving between product lines to reduce waste, or using shredded documents in the packaging of shipments, or reusing expired posters for labelling pallets.

We believe in community support.

We are a Bajan company, and feel connected to our fellow Bajans and what matters to them. We are more than a business, we are a community member. Social responsibility is part of our daily life. Over the years we have built a legacy of supporting community organizations, sports groups, schools, and charity bodies. These include the Claytons Kola Tonic Notre Dame Football Club, who we have proudly sponsored for 16 years and counting; the Breakfast Feeding Programme at Sharon Primary School and many other charities and clubs throughout the island as well as involvement in our national celebrations.

Armstrong in the community - Football