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3M Products

Z350 XT
The 3M line of dental products includes dental products to cater to the needs of patients in all categories. One such product is the Z350 XT which provides better polish retention, has an easier to use shading system and can be used for anterior and posterior restorations. It is easy to achieve high aesthetic results and comes in multiple shades and has the added advantage of 100% nanotechnology and does not stick to your instruments.

Filtek Bulk Fill Flowable
The Filtek Bulk Fill Flowable reduces procedure times without reducing confidence and as dentists can go directly to a 4mm depth reduces the time that the patient will have to spend in the chair and has significantly less shrinkage than many traditional flowable and universal composites.

Sof-lex Spiral
The Sof-lex spiral simplifies the process of finishing and polishing with two simple steps using fine and Superfine. These can be used for both posterior and anterior teeth and provide excellent aesthetics without the need for paste and water.