Blue Light Caribbean Gin

What is Blue Light?

It’s more than a gin.

It’s always been more than a drink to us.

It’s about sharing the wonder & stories of these incredible islands through flavour and experience while giving back to our inspiration, The Caribbean Sea.

The name Blue Light itself comes from the beachfront property we make it. The birthplace of Caribbean Gin. Established in 2018 the distillery has come a long way from the initial experimentation stages.

Distinctly Caribbean

Highlighting the unique and tropical ingredients of the Caribbean islands. Creating the world’s first Caribbean Gin.

Award Winning, Premium Quality

Hand crafted in small batches, our unique gin has been celebrated by the spirit industry around the world.

Climate Conscious

Made with the ocean in mind. Our blue ocean edition gin directly gives back to reef restoration projects in the Caribbean.

Our Gins:

Boutique Batch Gin

Our Gin is 100% natural. No artificial colours or flavours, so you know its clean. With hints of Caribbean spices like nutmeg, cacao, cardamom, grapefruit and more, this gin captures the tropics, perfectly.

Blue Ocean Edition

Our blue ocean edition gin is naturally dyed with a locally grown flower. It changes colour to a pinkish hue when mixed with any kind of acidic liquid (tonic, citrus). Made with the ocean in mind, this gin gives back to various ocean themed projects including artificial reefs, beach clean ups and ocean education and awareness campaigns.

Distributed in Barbados by Armstrong Agencies Ltd.