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Armstrong Health Care (AHCI) is a pharmaceutical distribution company which provides medical and diagnostic needs which are cutting edge and relevant in this ever-changing sector. AHCI is passionate about making these highly demanded, quality items available both locally and across the region.

AHCI has a tradition of offering the highest level of distributorship to all our customers, and continues to have a moving benchmark to attain even better service. The pharmaceutical department is an important and ever-growing part of the company which includes major international drug houses such as Pfizer, Roche, Bayer Schering, etc.

Locally, AHCI’s access is far reaching from Private to Public entities; Doctor’s offices, small and large pharmacies, small and large clinics and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Throughout the Caribbean, AHCI services export customers with our quality products, by allowing customers to make price-conscious decisions by utilizing renowned shipping services at competitive rates.

Utilizing our contacts with international companies, we are able and willing to source medication from across the globe, and accredited sources to ensure medicinal needs are met for both our local and regional customers.

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Diagnostics  |  Ethicals  |  OTC’s  |  Medical Supplies  |  Dental Supplies

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