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J. Strickland and Company
Armstrong Agencies Ltd. (GENERAL)

J. Strickland & Co. is better known by its many long established and trusted brands. These include Royal Crown shave and hair dressing, Blue Magic hair dressing, Sulfur 8 hair treatment, Nadinola bleaching cream, cocoa butter cream and aloe Vera cream, Atra skin creams and soaps and Magnificent hair food and cocoa butter cream.

J. Strickland and Co. - Royal Crown Shaving Powder
J. Strickland and Co. - Blue Magic Hair Conditioner
J. Strickland and Co. - Magnificent Hair Food, Artra Skin Tone Cream
J. Strickland and Co. - Nadinola range
J. Strickland and Co. - Sulfur8 Range

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